I've started to shoot with various old large format slr graflex cameras, often with soft focus lenses, with an interest in creating images with a more pictoral look. I've just begun this process, and don't really know where I'm headed yet, But the cameras I'm using already include a 5x7 home portrait, 5x7 press graflex, a 4x5 series D graflex, a quarter plate telescopic graflex, and a quater plate auto graflex. I'm also restoring a couple of 5x7 compact graflexes an a 3x5 compact graflex.

Catalog images from a 1923 graflex catalog. More camera information and images to come

Resources and interesting links:

Bert Saunders- A graflex collector who also repairs the cameras, has information on shutter repair and resetting, and makes great replacement handles as well.He can do the more difficult handles as well, like the home portrait and the press graflex handles. bsaunders1@bak.rr.com


Camera Eccentric - A great site for old catalog scans, including graflex

Aero Ektar users group also see more links on the parent site

Lot's of graflex info by Jo Lommen