Kodak panoram cameras were swing lense cameras made from 1899 to about 1930

There were three basic models. The #1 panoram used 105 film, which is similar to 120 film in size, and shot a 2" x 7" photo. The #4 panoram used 4" wide #104 film and shot a 3.5" by 12" photo. The 3A panoram used 3.5" film#122 film and shot a 3" by 10" photo.

The#1 and #4 cameras went through various design changes over time, going from A to D, with the 1D and 4D having the most significant change in the way the film was loaded. The models A, B, and C had the removable back and the curved interior. The D models had swinging doors, as seen in the photo above.

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