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Using a cirkut camera

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The above photo shows me with some of the various items I use to print my cirkut negs.At the far right is my 18" by 10 foot print frame made out of ply and 2"x4"'s. next is a 73" by 12" mahogany print frame I made for smaller negs. In the middle is me holding a 10.5" by 7 foot tray. next to me on the left (my right) is a homemade plexi wash tray. next is a 12" by 24" contact frame leaning on a homemade 16.5" by 10 foot plexi tray. Next are two vintage kodak and century cirkut contact frames, and a smaller homemade contact frame.

A homemade mahogany 8" by 36" contact frame next to to vintage frames.

I just use 1/8 inch or 3/16 inch mild steel bar stock from the hardware store and bend it a bit to put pressure against the washers. Although spring steel would certainly work better., I've had no problems with this. Washers work fine for the clips, just like the vintage frames on the right.

A section of my large frame, which has 5 18" by 22" panels. It's made out of regular 2x4's with 1/4 glass (a must on all these frames) and is quite a challenge to handle.

My alt process print set up- a 10 foot table, with a 4 bulb 8 foot uv light (bl bulbs), and two 24" bl two bulb units at the end to even out exposure. I often leave these on longer than the center light, as necessary. I use lots of black boards and other tools to dodge and burn as needed.

For development I usually use Rollo Pyro.

At 70-72 degrees I start with a 5 minute sodium metaborate presoak.

For my 8" verichrome pan I use rollo pyro, 4 liters water, 160 ml part A, 80 ml part B, and develop for 7.5 minutes.I agitate about every 15-30 seconds, both long ways, making a nice wave roll along the tray, and sideways to cover the edges.

I then stop development in plain water, often changing it a few times,with constant agitition.

Next to the rapid fix for two minutes, before I turn the light on.

After that I wash for about 5-10 minutes, soak in sodium Metaborate again for about 5 minutes, wash for about 25-30 minutes, photoflo, and hang from the basement rafter. It's worked great so far.

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