As I'm working with various odd size cameras and formats, I've often constructed various items to make darkroom work easier and more practical. Here are some of the items.

This is a 11 slot 10" x 24" film and print washing tank, and mostly keeps each sheet separate

during the wash cycle.

The water feeds into the slots from a series of different level holes to even out the flow, and leaves the same way. I put two outlets on top and bottom for faster emptying of water, and to control how the flow empties, making it more even.

I made the 10 x24 trays to save space in the darkroom sink. One can do any size. I have made and collected different trays as I've gone along. I started with the stainless trays, getting the local heating shop to do some out of stainless, as they are good with sheet metal work. The stainless aren't good for alt processes so I made some plexi trays next, including a simple wash tray seen below. I figure out the measurements for each tray, have the plastics place cut the pieces, and glue together with the solvent glues from the plastics dealer. I use the water thin first, and then use the thick to make sure no gaps will leak in the tray. It's simple and easy this way. I do the same thing with my large cirkut trays, seen in the cirkut section. Another option are the trays the gardening store has for seedlings. I got these after we planted the tomatoe plants. They will do 8x20 just fine, and they were free.

This is a simple wash tray for up to 11" x 26"

I also have a 12" x 76" tray like this for my cirkut shots and alt prints