Fine Art Links

Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters:

Kanopy Dance Company - A great Modern Dance Company in Madison, WI

Miscellanous Links:

Harriet Brown A great author

Rock River Thresheree

Photo Links:

general sites

Analog Photography User Group - A great film based online user group

Center of Photography in Madison - A good local group

Flak Photo : A photo blog run by Andy Adams

Library of Congress panoramic collection

The Contact Printers Guild


Scott Killian - Interesting work

Bill Schwab - An interesting photographer in Michigan

Also check out a fun event Bill hosts :

J Shimon and J Lindemann: Friends from Manitowoc

Photography by kerik Kouklis - A great large format photographer from California

Bigshotz Photography - a wonderful panoramic photo site by Clayton Tume- check out the section on photographers.

Jim Galli - Great portraits from Nevada

Alec Soth blog

Ron Klein - A great photographer in Alaska, who also works on cirkut cameras

Jill Metcoff - A friend from the area and great photographer

Daniel Swadener -great pans from a horizon swing lense camera

John Greener - A friend from the area and great photographer

Susan Huber - Interesting photography from the pacific coast