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I use two cameras for most of my color panoramic photography, a 70mm Roundshot rotating pan camera, and a 35mm Roundshot rotating pan camera. The 70mm camera takes a larger higher quality photo, and has a lot more adjustments for more creative control, but the 35 mm camera is much smaller and compact. The cameras were made by Seitz Phototechnik in Switzerland, in very limited quantities.

rndsht 1

When photographing straight line objects like railroad
tracks, an effect called "Barrel Distortion" is created. As the
camera is turning around a pivot point, straight line objects
become bent, as seen in the photo and diagram above.

One can compensate for this effect by placing objects at the same distance from
the camera, in a circle around the camera, like the
tractors above.

The 70 mm 65/70 220 Roundshot seen above, uses a 65mm F4.5-F32 Rodenstock Grandagon lense, which can shift upward using a electric rise mechanism. Using a offset vertical slit, there is also a focus control. A 360 degreee view is 16.2" long. Shutter speeds vary from 4 seconds to 1/250 second. The roundshot is a easy camera to use. The 35 mm camera is much lighter, but doesn't have a lense shift, focus control or a lot of exposure control.A 360 degree image on 35mm film onthe 35 RS is about 9" long.

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